Welcome to your our new site! This Page is for Anubandhaka which is our freelance PR & Didital Marketing effort.
We are based in India and looking for work in Content developement, Website designing and social media marketing.

So far we have just started, and we hope to do excellant work in year 2017 – 2018.

We plan to showcase our work here from time to time and if you have any queries feel free to contact us. there is no harm in asking, even if we cant work together today , we can always be friends.


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9 ways to improve your Communication Skills

By communicating with each other, we express our views and thoughts and also understand others. The interaction could be verbal or non verbal. While some people are born with good communication skills others need to work on them to improvise their skills. Interacting with another individual or a group, making presentations, giving public speeches, negotiating … Continue reading 9 ways to improve your Communication Skills

How to Select an Institute for Your Engineering entrance?

My son was fairly sure that he wanted to do Mechanical Engineering from his school days. But we as a parent were not sure how to select an institute for engineering entrance. Competitive exams, JEE, MHCET were words we had heard but never understood. We searched institutes and found out that finding right coaching institute … Continue reading How to Select an Institute for Your Engineering entrance?

How to launch a Marathi newspaper?

Story of Deshonnati, Nagpur Edition Launch Let me share a little background from those days: In Maharashtra apart from the Leading Newspapers Like Lokmat & Sakal, smaller newspapers like (Akola) Deshonnati, (Nasik) Gaokari & (Kolhapur) Pudhari, (Aurangabad) Punyanagari have grown their organizations and retained their customer base. These newspapers are popular in their region and … Continue reading How to launch a Marathi newspaper?

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