Guest Blog: Rolling in with the punches

In boxing analogy, “to roll with the punches”, means “of a boxer to move one’s body away from an opponent’s blows so as to lessen the impact.” The world is a boxing ring and all of us are trying to get in a few punches ourselves whilst dodging the ones packed at us. These punches may not leave any visible scars, but the impact is felt just right. The punches manifest themselves as stress at workplace with your bosses or your colleagues, they might be friction between family members, worries about your children and their future, health concerns and many more. Punches take a wide array of forms, and have the potential to leave you with debilitating injuries and in milder cases, losing your steam and focus due to their sheer impact.

when life throws punches at you, what do you do?

So like all good boxers, we need to come up with ways and ducking mechanisms, where in we deal with these sudden punches life throws at us, and ensure that we don’t get knocked down cold.

Be mentally prepared for it.

They say “Change is constant; however, we live in a rainbow of chaos.” So be mentally prepared for it, there is always going to be something right round the corner which will upset the status quo you are used to. Always keep one thing in mind that chaos does not necessarily mean bad, a lot of good can come out of it. It offers you a great opportunity to build up your strengths and that is certainly not a bad thing. Also when life throws you punches, you can certainly throw in a few yourself and you never know you might end up trumping it.

Build your resilience.

As Steve Jobs said, “You can only connect the dots looking backward”, the same holds true for challenges in life. Look at your past journey see how you have overcome it despite all the obstacles which came in your way, and you will realise that you already possess all the qualities within you to get where you want to be. You need to stay strong, patient and trust your journey.


Never take decisions very hastily.

It is often advisable not to react immediately. There are times when immediate action is needed but most times it makes sense to sleep on it. The cold light of the day casts a different light onto your decisions which seemed so apt yesterday.  By not reacting immediately you end up buying yourself time and giving yourself that leeway to think your plans and actions through.

Always talk it out with your champions. 

All of us have champions-they can be your parents, spouse, children, close friends, colleagues even. So when you feel you are reeling from the impact and need someone in that boxing ring with you to wipe your sweat and give you some water, call them in. They are your champions, sounding boards, and at all times want the best for you in their hearts.

So in all these tough moments, they make you feel cherished, loved and their belief in you gives you all the strength you need to make it through the hard times.

Seek help- with mentors, seniors.

We all need advice- good advice and that form of advice comes in various forms. Mostly you can find all sorts of help online to help you survive. But the sort of advice a fellow human being can give you and the connect you can build with that individual while sharing the tough experiences is just what makes the difference. So find mentors, connect and engage with them on regular basis so that you get to learn from their life experiences and since there is a likelihood that they may have already suffered through that punch. They would be able to guide you the best way to duck it. Give you the guidance and helpful advice since they have been through all of it before.

Find yourself some hobbies and invest time in nurturing them for some time every week.

According to researchers at the School of Medicine at Temple University in Philadelphia, engaging in hobbies stimulates areas of the brain associated with outlook on life and positive feelings like pleasure, happiness and satisfaction. Hobbies distract you from the pressures and worries of daily living. And the enjoyment derived out of hobbies gives one a sense of self-confidence, self-worth and motivation, which spills over to one’s professional and personal life. So nurturing hobbies is a very good coping mechanism while dealing with life’s many “punches”.

Journal about your challenges and accomplishments.

Journaling is a very useful practice to bring situations in perspective and it comes with a volley of health benefits like healing, increasing creativity, boosting your self-confidence, and strengthening your self-discipline. Journaling basically lets you reflect on your boxing matches, analyse them, understand your strengths and shortcomings and strategise for the next outing in the boxing arena.

One will have to keep on facing different opponents in life’s boxing ring throughout life. And all these opponents will have different styles and ways of fighting. But cultivating the practices mentioned above would aid in making you a better and formidable player in that arena. It will prepare you better to anticipate the blows, deflect them and meet them head-on.

This one is to all the boxers who are currently braving it out in the boxing rings.

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