How to Select an Institute for Your Engineering entrance?

My son was fairly sure that he wanted to do Mechanical Engineering from his school days. But we as a parent were not sure how to select an institute for engineering entrance. Competitive exams, JEE, MHCET were words we had heard but never understood. We searched institutes and found out that finding right coaching institute is actually a hard task to do. Students get pushed after their friends or references and or the big advertisers. My son is a good student and I wanted an institute which could compliment him at his level of studies.

I noticed 2 major things about preparing for Engineering entrance exams @ selecting best coaching institute for Engineering or JEE.

How to Select an Institute for Your Engineering entrance?


First There are 2 ways for getting through the entrance. Home study and coaching institutes. Home study needs focus and discipline for 2 years. Which a student can do with great effort. Second is Coaching Institute for JEE. Coaching institute have planned study schedule, reviews by tests and a plan to ensure development test after test. In both the methods practice of key topics form an essential effort for success.

Second, coaching institutes usually have category of students in their batches. Best students study in one class, mediocre study in one class and rest all in one class. I am not against it, because what can bring results needs to be done. Category or no category, ultimately a student will reach his destination by clearing his or her engineering entrance.


While selecting the institute for my son & I found out  the 5 important points which can help you what’s best for your kid before we could zero in on institute of our choice Pioneer tutorials ,incidently pioneer specializes in Maths and science coaching since last 12 years.

  • What is the last years Performance of the institute?

We are target oriented people, we are joining the institute to make our kids engineer from a reputed college. It’s an investment in future and I would like to give 2 years to an institute which has a proven track record with results in what they do. Entrance coaching is costly for a middle class parent, so depending on your budget you have every right to ask for the results so that you don’t waste it on an institute which will use your money to stable itself.

  • Infrastructure & facility

Some institutes I found with best of facility but with ordinary teaching staff, some had excellent teaching staff with reasonable classrooms but were far away. We did not want our son to travel and get tired, so we had to choose an institute within 5 km radius of our home. Some renowned institutes had branches but the teachers were different.

  • Bunch of classes

We reviewed our options of Math’s at one place, Physics at another and Chemistry at next place. In addition to this a 4 th class for entrance exam was also there. Institutes with all subjects were also offering their best to the students. It was a confusing thing. Local teachers were offering equally good coaching but they did not offer all coaching under one roof. On the other hand, the all under one roof type of institutes were differently placed.

  • Fees Structure

Sad but truth, that fees structure has got a lot to do with the kind of institute or coaching your kid is going to get. Your selection of institute will fairly depend upon the fees, it will not depend on the merit of your student. So finding a right institute with suitable environment for study as per your kid is important.

  • Method & Methodology

It is interesting to see what your institute can offer for studies. Tests, Reviews, Results, preparation for weak subjects, Improvements, and finally exercise which can prepare the student for the engineering entrance. Who can assure you of this, who can share their study plans with you, who can take personal interest in your kid’s study? These are the questions, when answered can help you decide engineering entrance coaching institute for your kid.


One more caution notice, my friend’s son had joined a physics coaching institute and after one month he asked for a change. Just like that, because he just didn’t want to go there. This taught me what not to do. We accepted what everybody was doing till one day we found out that his son didn’t understand a word there. I will consider my friend lucky as his son spoke to him about it and changed his coaching institute, otherwise he would have sat in the same class for a year without understanding anything and would have wasted his chance at engineering entrance test.

pioneer nagpur
How to Select an Institute for Your Engineering entrance?

In my case we chose pioneer Classes because in the first interaction only the student counselor Debasmita Banerjee Phone no:86985 66773 detailed us about the facilities, introduced us to the grading and improvement process. Our queries were solved on the spot. We also met the staff and could form an opinion based on the last year’s results. The 4 centers offered us ease of distance. We could make a great choice, within our reach, within our expectations and from an institute which was ready to work as hard as the student himself. You can also contact and get details.


Lastly, you are not doing the classes, your kid is. Find out what suits him. His friend circle, his environment and then place him in a class which comes close to his aspirations. Don’t force your opinions neither accept what everybody is doing, spend some time together for coaching classes, visit together, attend sample lectures, be sure, talk to staff, and then arrive at your institute. Don’t forget to create an environment which compliments his studies at home. If you want him or her to study , you need to keep everything study oriented at your home.

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